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Water Resistant Cross Body Armored Bag With USB Charger

This unique looking bag is the ultimate bag for keeping your tablet/ebook reader safe and secure.

You do not have to worry about your tablet screen getting cracked as this bag has a hard plastic shell.

If you are concerned about pickpockets you you can wear this bag on your front or under your arm so that it is never out of sight.

The zippers are specially designed to seal airtight and the outer materials are moisture repellent to give this bag excellent water resistance.

It has a USB port that can connect to a power bank (not included) inside the bag so that you can charge your device whilst using it.

The strap is detachable so that you can wear it over your left shoulder or right shoulder allowing for many different variations of wearing this epic bag.

There is 3 compartments, one at the front for quick access, eg. phone, train ticket, passport etc.

There is a secret pocket at the back and the main compartment has 3 pockets, one that can zip up.

Lastly there is a bit on the front of the strap where you attach your sunglasses.

A very high quality bag perfect for everyday use.

Armored Crossbody Bag
$39.99 $49.99

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